We have designed Real Estate Investment Calculators to help you quickly and efficiently analyze deals for profit potential. Easily generate printable reports that are perfect for presenting to your buyers, partners or lenders.




Whether you are a wholesaler or an investor dealing directly with a seller. This calculator shows what your maximum offer should be on a particular property based on the 65% or 70% rule.


This calculator helps you estimate your cost of flipping a house. From the acquisition costs, holding and closing costs to your potential profit. Just plug in a few numbers and it's all done for you.

private lender calculator

This calculator is perfect for when you want to show your private lender the terms you are offering and what their projected returns could be.

rehab budget calculator

Use this calculator on site or wherever you are. Punch in your numbers and get a good idea of what your rehab costs should be.


There is nothing that an experienced investor despises more than having an inexperienced Wholesaler waste their time by sending them deals that just don’t make any sense. Use the Max Offer Calculator along with the Rehab Estimator calculations when using the 65% or 70% rule. Increase your credibility by showing your end buyers your report and ensuring them that the deal you’re presenting really is a solid deal.

Rehabbers and Flippers:

Don’t just take your Realtor’s or the Wholesaler’s word on what they think the profit margin is. You can quickly analyze a deal properly including your holding costs and closing fees to get a more accurate estimate of your profit potential on a flip. You can also impress your potential Private Lenders by giving them a copy of your report that shows the actual terms you would like to offer them and what their Return On Investment would be.