About Tariq Thomas

Tariq Thomas is a highly sought after real estate investment mentor and coach who has helped hundreds of clients enter into the world of investment real estate.

After traveling the globe for most of the 1990’s as a world-renowned DJ, Tariq bought his first investment property in 2004 and has been investing in real estate full time ever since.

Over the years, he has personally flipped hundreds of homes between 5 different states. He also wholesales dozens of homes a year and has amassed a solid real estate portfolio of his own.

As the founder of THG of MD and his lead generating company Yes I Pay Cash – We Buy Houses, he has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of investment real estate from wholesaling, buy and hold as well as fix and flip real estate. Tariq is very well versed in marketing, acquisition, development and beyond. He has already walked in your shoes and knows what it takes to help you kick start your real estate investing career into high gear.









You really break things down in bite sized pieces and make it easy to understand. Definitely glad that I signed up for your mentor program. Already started using some of the techniques and have my first deal under contract!

R. Jones

RLJ Investments, Washington, DC

I learned some new strategies that I was able to implement into my business. Learning how to find motivated sellers directly helps me eliminate the middle man and adds to my overall profits! All of the forms are helpful also. Definitely worth signing up for.

Mark L.

Self Made Holdings, Jacksonville, FL

Fantastic information! Was just the missing pieces to the puzzle that I needed to connect all of the dots. Very straight forward and easy to understand. Landed my first wholesale deal in about 30 days and have 2 more under contract!

S. Graham

Anker Property Investments, Linden, NJ